Above: Gerrard Street Chinatown, Toronto. Photo by Malcolm Collier 2010


Images of communities and locales.

This section contains photographic records of communities and neighborhoods, largely but not exclusively Asian American in character. The records take the forms of photo maps, essays, surveys, and selections. A "photo map" is a geographically structured set of photographs intended to provide a unbroken or nearly unbroken coverage of a particular locale, often with additional detailed images made within the context of the wider coverage. A "survey" may or may not be geographically structured in character and sets out sample or survey different aspects of a locale. An "essay" typically explores a particular theme via images and often additional text. "Selections" are relatively unstructured and unsystematic.

Most of the content was produced by students in AAS 308 "Photographic Exploration of Asian America" between 1982 and 2009. These efforts were assisted by an Instructiona Related grant for materials and supplies from the Associated Students of San Francisco State University with the express intent of producing a photographic archive of Asian American communities and locales for future reference and research. This portion of the website is intended to further that goal.

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