Writings in Asian American Studies


Photograph to right: Pioneer Chinese American historian, Philip P. Choy, walking into the Chinese American community of Locke, California, 2007.

Locke, located in the Sacramento Delta just north of Walnut Grove, was built up in the early 20th century to serve Chinese Americans working in that rich argricultural region. It was actually a rather late settlement as earlier Chinese American communities in Isleton, Walnut Grove, Courtland, and other Delta towns dated to the 1860s and 1870s. Locke was unique, however, because it was a totally Chinese American town .


This section contains publications and essays on Asian American topics. Simply click on high lighted text below to access these materials. A PDF reader is required to access many of these items.

1. Asian American Experience, edited by Malcolm Collier, is a book of essays, many first hand accounts, about immigration, family, and commuity. It is a 2009 revision of Asians in America: A Reader, originally published in 1993 by Kendall/Hunt (ISBN 0-8403-8507-2). Copyright is now held by Malcolm Collier.

2. Chinatown 2017: Continuity and Change, llustrated monograph/report and an online version of a photographic exhibit regarding continuities and changes in San Francisco Chinatown from 1982 through 2017. Research largely based on photographic records of Chinatown.

3. Pandemic Chinatown, essays and other material related to the impact of the pandemic on San Francisco Chinatown.

4. Essays in Asian American Studies includes a number of short essays and information perices on Asian Americans.

Please note that these materials are copyrighted and, except for short quotes, may not be reproduced withour permission of Malcolm Collier or the indivudual authors.

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