Essays in Asian American Studies

These are short essays/articles on Asian American demographics and other subjects originally prepared for classroom use. To read any item, just click on its highlighted title. A link to return to this table of contents will appear at the end of each article to enable you to navigate to other items.

“Demographics of Asian Americans 2000 - Introduction”
- A summation of Asian American demographic trends from 1965 to 2000.

“Bay Area Asian American Demographics -2000” - An overview of the demographics of Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, including growth patterns on a county level since 1970.

"The Immigration Act of 1990" - A summary of the Immigration Act of 1990 which continues to provide the framework for immgration today.

“Ethnic Economies" - Short essay on Ethnic Economies - basic characteristics and dynamics.


Historic buildings in the Chinese American
section of Isleton, California, 2008.

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